Antoinette Smith Photo

Thank you for being here!

Hey team! There are no words to tell you how thankful I am to have you a part of my business and my life. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without each of you and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather have representing ASP than you. If you ever have questions about anything on this page (or outside this page), please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I adore you all!


To maintain consistency with editing and delivery of images, all images should be photographed using canon equipment and L series lenses. If you do not have the following equipment, please reach out to me to discuss your particular set up. In some instances it will be necessary for you to rent any equipment that you do not own for the wedding days. The cost of those rentals will be a personal expense of the associate shooter and is not covered by Antoinette Smith Photo.

  • 2 Dual Slot Camera Bodies: mirrorless is preferred 
  • 35mm f/1.4L lens 
  • 85mm f/1.4L lens 
  • A long distance lens (135mm or 75-200mm) 
  • Flash diffuser 
  • 4 Flash System (four off camera flashes on 12ft stands- preferred but not mandatory)

Booking Process


Update Availability

I will share a spreadsheet which will show all of the bookings and potential bookings on it. I will also ask you to update your unavailability on that sheet so that I know what weekends we are completely booked for.



When I have an inquiry come in, I will send you a quick voxer message to see if you are still available. Please reserve that date for a week after you communicate that you are available to give the client time to meet with me and to process all of the booking paperwork. If after a week, I have not heard back from them and not confirmed with you, you are free to book that date with another couple.


Booking Confirmation

When a couple books, I will send you a contract to confirm the booking & will add you to a workspace on Honeybook. This workspace will act as the hub for all timelines, wedding details & where I will communicate any other information about the wedding so it is all saved in one place. A week or so before the wedding, I will send a voxer message talking through any last minute details and reminders.

Most communication will be done through Honeybook and Voxer. Please download the Voxer app and respond to messages quickly so that we can confirm availability prior to client inquiry calls. There is a desktop and an IOS version of the app.



I send out a wedding questionnaire to my clients 45 days before the wedding date. I will upload their questionnaire responses into the google drive folder as soon as I receive them. I will meet with the couple to finalize their timeline and to review any last important details and then will set up a short zoom meeting (20 minutes) for all of us to meet, chat through the timeline briefly and anything that they wanted you to know specifically.

You will be paid $20 for this meeting as long as it is virtual. In person client meetings will be compensated at $30 per hour.

Wedding Day Best Practices

Arrival: Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled coverage start time to familiarize yourself with the venue and set up any equipment. The time for coverage to begin is not an arrival time but when photography coverage starts. 

Communication: If there are any issues with the couple or other guests throughout the wedding day, please let me know right away so that I can address them directly with the couple. I never want you to be in a position where you are uncomfortable or unsafe, so please let me know right away if that is the case. My phone number is 719-439-2286.

My Wedding Day Approach : I tell my couples that for most of the wedding day I am simply there to capture and document what is happening. I try to just be a fly on the wall and not interrupt or direct during any of the events or moments throughout the day. The only times that is not the case is during bridal party photos, family photos and couple photos. During these times, I promise to work efficiently and quickly so that everyone can get back to partying! I create a timeline to follow and carefully go over it with each couple to make sure everyone is on the same page. However, during the wedding day, I try to remain calm even when we are a bit behind schedule so that the bride & groom can enjoy their day and not feel rushed. If I am unable to capture something due to the schedule running behind (this is in my contract), I just communicate that with my couple before I leave so that everyone is on the same page. 

Conduct: Please remember that you are representing Antoinette Smith Photo and our brand. A mission and values document can be found in your google drive folder as a reference or on our website at We ask that you always keep these core values in mind as you are making decisions throughout the wedding day. Please ensure that your actions align with these values and come from the heart of our values. If you are offered a drink during the wedding day, please kindly deny to ensure that you can think clearly while serving our couple. Please refrain from cursing or speaking negatively throughout the wedding day. We want to remain calm and positive throughout the wedding day regardless of the situation. 

Clothing: Please wear neutral colored (black is preferred), non-distracting and modest outfits. Outfits should be business casual or nicer. Jeans, hoodies, flip flops, ripped clothing or clothing that is too tight/too loose are not to be worn under any circumstance to a traditional wedding. 

Phone Usage: If you are able, please take a couple behind the scenes videos with your phone throughout the wedding day. The rest of the time, however, your phone should be put away so you can be fully present with the couple. The only exception is during dinner if you are seated away from guests. My contract states that you will receive a meal and I speak with each of my couples letting them know that you will eat right after all of the family goes through the line. 

Extra Coverage: If a client requests an additional hour of coverage, always send a quick email as a paper trail to me so that I can follow up with them after the wedding. Additionally, if the wedding gets behind schedule, the associate must ask the couple if they would like to add on additional coverage prior to staying additional time. If you stay beyond your contracted hour without asking the couple, you will not be compensated for the additional time. Additional time is charged at $500 per hour and you will be paid $100 per hour. 

Post-Wedding Workflow

All images need to be transferred within 36 hours of the end of the wedding day so that I can ensure a timely delivery of the sneak peek. Please also note that images should be backed up on a harddrive for one year after the wedding date. 

SD Cards: If you are local to the Fort Collins area, you are more than welcome to borrow SD cards and then return them to me, please just communicate how many you need and when you will pick up the cards prior to the wedding date. 

Local Transfer: If you are local to the Fort Collins area and would like to drop off SD cards instead of electronically transferring the images, you are responsible for delivering the cards to my house. Cards must be delivered within 36 hours of the wedding date.

Out of Town Transfer: A link to your MASV portal folder can be found on the wedding snapshot. Please upload all images captured (do not cull prior to transferring) to MASV portal. When the transfer is complete, please send me a quick email through honeybook with the total number of images that have been transferred so that I can double check all images have successfully been transferred.


All payments are delivered via direct deposit. Upon hiring, I will send an invitation to enter your information into the payment center through Relay bank. Please make sure this is completed well ahead of time to ensure that there is no delay in your payment. Payment will be processed within 24 hours of receiving all edited images and usually arrives in your account within 1-2 business days. 

Associate photographers are subcontractors and must fill out a W-9 prior to working and being paid. A 1099 will be issued electronically by January 30th each year if you are paid $600 or more throughout the year.

Last pieces of housekeeping….

Image Rights

Images from the wedding should not be posted on social media or online. If you would like to share an edited gallery privately with a potential client, that is totally okay but I do not want multiple edits of the images online for the couple to potentially see.


All pre and post wedding communication will be done through honeybook and voxer. If on a wedding day you need an immediate response, you can send me a text message or call my cell phone. This communication policy ensures that all of our communication is easy to track and won’t be looked at and not responded to (I am the worst about this with text messages). My office hours are Monday and Tuesday from 1:30-4:30pm. I do check my email every day and try my best to respond to all urgent emails within 24 hours but non-emergent questions will be answered during my next office hours.

Associates are responsible for filling out a quarterly “about me” questionnaire and returning it to ASP within one week. Information gathered from the questionnaire will be used for marketing purposes and social media content for future clients to connect with the ASP team.

Contracts & Pay Rate

Associates are required to sign and send ASP an updated W9 each year. Associates must digitally sign the ASP associates contract which will serve as a legal agreement and apply to all contracted work with ASP. An additional contract will be sent for each individual wedding booked with ASP. Contracts will be sent through Honeybook and will be available in each associate’s Honeybook profile to reference back at any point.

Associates will be also be responsible for attending one training workshop (unpaid but allowed to use images) & one wedding as a second shooter (paid) prior to photographing their first wedding with ASP. We will also have a team meeting together once or twice a year to get to know each other better, update headshots & touch base about the upcoming year.

Once you accept a booking, you will be responsible for covering that day. If the associate cancels the contract within 60 days of the wedding for reasons within their control, the associate must pay ASP $400. If the associate gets pregnant or is unable to photograph the wedding due to a medical reason, they will not receive payment for the wedding.If a couple cancels their wedding for any reason, you will receive 20% of their retainer or $300 for reserving the date. If ASP cancels the contract with the couple for whatever reason, the associate will not receive payment. If a client postpones their wedding and the associate is not available to photograph their new date, the associate will note receive payment for the wedding.

Pay Rates

  • Wedding Day Coverage- $100/hour
  •  Engagement or Portait Session- $200/Session
  • Mini Sessions- $50/30 minutes
  • In Person Client Meetings- $30/meeting
  • Virtual Client Meetings and/or Phone Calls


I am so grateful for your willingness to love and serve our couples wholeheartedly.

If you have any questions or if you want to just catch up, send me a message on Voxer! I can’t wait to spend more time with this upcoming year & am seriously so thankful for you in my life.