RMNP Senior Photos

Colorado Senior Photography

Did you know that I am a high school science teacher?

I have taught high school science for the last three years and love being a part of high schoolers lives. I know that this is such a significant time of growth as students develop their passions, their character, and their plans for the future. I love walking with students as they make their way through this season and so it brings me great joy to capture who they are, and what they love during their senior session.

Becca reached out to me about doing a senior session in Rocky Mountain National Park. A senior from Greeley, CO her and her family had spent many summers at their condo in Estes Park. Sprague Lake was a special place for them and the perfect place to capture her gentle and kind heart.

I am passionate about documenting the milestones of childhood.

I am a mama (both to my own daughter and to our foster kiddos who are a part of our family for a short season). I have always been a go go go person and it wasn’t until my first trimester when I was so tired and nauseous that the Lord was really able to slow me down. Now I am learning the beauty and peace that comes from slowing down every aspect of my life. The beauty in saying no. The beauty of empty calendars and computers put away on the desk. These sweet, still moments are so precious to me & have made me fall more and more in love with family sessions. Our children are only young for a short period of time and I am so passionate about preserving those moments in time for us to hold on to when our house is busy empty once again.

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