Wedding Day Content Creation

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering content creation as an option for all of our traditional photography packages!

Our heart has always been to serve couples by providing you with beautiful images that you can look back on when marriage gets tough. Our heart is that these images would remind you of how it all began and why it is always worth fighting for. We are so excited to offer short form video and photos of your wedding day as well so that you can use them on your socials and of course to look back on as you reminisce about your wedding day or to even give you future kids a feeling for the vibe and joy on your wedding day (I don’t know, mom brain thinking here!).

What is content creation?

Content Creation is the creation of short form video and informal photos throughout your wedding day taken on an iPhone (with an enhanced lens). This is a unique complement to a traditional wedding photography and videography package as it allows you to collect hundreds short form videos that can be used for social media and is delivered within 24 hours of your wedding day so that you can immediately relive every moment!



I wish this was a thing when I got married.

We have two videos taken on friends phones and I love them but I wish I had more of all of the little moments that happened during our wedding day… my bridesmaids talking and dancing while getting ready, video of when I handed my father his tie that had a special patch  on it (and when I realized my mom accidentally showed the patch on the front of the tie instead of the inside), my first look with my dad, climbing a cliff in the pouring rain, my husband playing a drum kit to “Are you gonna be my girl….” Now I’m just reminiscing but man do I wish I could re-watch those moments again and relieve the party with all my friends and family. I wish I could see what was happening outside of what I directly experienced.

Most of all I wish I had photos and videos of my uncle who passed away two years after my wedding. That would be worth thousands of dollars to me. 

6 Hours


Content Planning Meeting

Unlimited Photo & Video

RAW Footage within 24 hours

2-3 Short Form Videos


7 Hours


Content Planning Meeting

Unlimited Photo & Video

RAW Footage within 24 Hours

3-5 Short Form Videos

8 Hours


Content Planning Meeting

Unlimited Photo & Video

RAW Footage within 24 Hours

4-6 Short Form Videos

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If this sounds like something that you would like to add to your wedding photography package, reach out so we can discuss the best package for your wedding day! This package can be an addition to an already established photography package or a stand-alone package. The next step is for an inquiry call so that we can discuss everything in regards to this new & exciting package option!

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