Hillside Vineyard Wedding

Wedding Photographed by Antoinette

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This beautiful Sweetheart Winery Wedding is featured in our top 10 wedding venues in Northern Colorado series. Laura & Jimmy eloped due to COVID but planned a spectacular wedding day to celebrate with all of their friends and family. It was the first time their families had been together and they were so excited to finally spend time together after such a traumatic year. Sweetheart Winery is a beautiful wedding venue in Loveland, CO that sits along the Thompson River at the mouth of the canyon and has the best spots for your guests to relax and mingle while you are off taking photos between the ceremony and the reception. We love this venue for wedding photos because it has a variety of background options including a wheat field, wooded open space, large rocks and a rushing river. It also has the perfect combination of amenities with freedom to pick and choose some of your favorite vendors. Packages start at $5,000 for the 2023 season.

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My favorite part of wedding photography is the relationship that we are able to build with our clients- we are not just a vendor that you work with for a couple minutes but are an intimate part of every moment of your wedding day. Because of that, we would love to grab a coffee or dessert to get to know you better and to allow you to get to know us before booking.

Our booking process includes an inquiry call or coffee date where we will discuss what you are hoping for photography wise and then create a custom package together that both meets the needs for your day and your budget.

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