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Photography for those who can’t wait to be married

First off, I want to say that we are so honored and grateful that you are interested in joining our team. We have poured our hearts into this business and are so excited that you are interested in joining us in giving our couples and families an amazing client experience. Lucas and I started this business back in 2019 with some money from coaching basketball, a renewed love of photography and a heart to celebrate and strengthen marriages. We are so grateful for the ways that it has grown over the last four years and thrilled to have a team of three photographers now to serve our clients, however, with that comes an additional load of administrative tasks- which is why we need you!

We are honored you are here and can’t wait to get to know you better. We are so excited to work with a subcontractor that can specifically help us shore up our administrative tasks & can’t wait to read through your application. This page will walk you through our heart, what we are looking for and the application process, so please read through everything carefully to ensure that we are a good fit for each other! If you have any questions throughout the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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The Adventurers


Those Who Long to be married


We are stoked to hire a virtual assistant

We are looking for a hardworking, detail oriented gal who can handle the admin tasks related to running our photography business.

While wedding photography ebs and flows depending on the season, we always need help keeping up with the administrative tasks associated with owning a business. These tasks will vary slightly from week to week but could include managing our social media accounts, blogging, writing a monthly newsletter, helping with client communication and our post-wedding workflow or submitting our work to magazines depending on the season. No prior experience is necessary and we will provide training for each task based on our standard operating procedures, however, marketing and social media experience is preferred.

Since you will operate as a general contractor, the pay rate would be established by you, however, we are looking for someone who would provide hourly work at $15-17 an hour. We are looking to hire someone for 5 hours a week initially with potential for that to increase up to 10 hours in the future. Work would be completed remotely & would be based on deadlines not specific work hours, however, some training will be held in person.

The Application Process


Fill out the Application

Tell us a little bit about your story

To get to know you better, we have put together a short application linked at the bottom of this page. Applications will be accepted through December 15th.



We Meet you for real!

If we think you would be a good fit for us, we will schedule an in person or virtual interview. All interviews will be held the week of December 18th.


Onboarding & Training Process

We can’t wait for you to meet the team

If we decide that you are the best fit for our team, we will reach out to start our subcontractor onboarding process and will send over some training videos to help you get familiar with the tools you will be using. We will also schedule an in person training day. Our hope is for you to start working with us starting January 8th!

Still have a question about working together?

If you aren’t sure whether or not we would be a good fit or if you have specific questions about anything, please send me an email & I will get back to you within one to two business days.